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Meneer Monster is a Dutch theatre company that brings their unique theatre approach to staging

international youth literature.  The company makes ‘Pixar theatre’ packed with humour, fantasy and imagination. Our shows are wildly popular, high energy and packed full of fun. With ‘the amazing 13-story treehouse’ they won 2 Dutch theatre awards in 2018. Meneer Monster perform in the Netherlands and Belgium all year round, but we are touring through for example China, Taiwan and South Africa as well.

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A spectacular homemade Western show

The Dutch theatre company ‘Meneer Monster‘ is hitting the stage with an explosive family show, loosely inspired by the well-known comic book series Lucky Luke. A ‘low land’ Western as an ode to daydreaming and the rich imagination of playing children.


In LUCKY LUUK Meneer Monster slowly disappears into the Wild West. Starting from a magical miniature world, three boys make their way through their own imagination. Like three lowland cowboys who want to feel big and tough. But they soon run into their own shadow and run wild in fright.

LUCKY LUUK is a physical and visual performance framed by polyphonic Western music. Due to its universal theme of children playing and the lesser importance of words versus movement and visuals, Lucky Luuk is an ideal show for the international stage.

In 2023 LUCKY LUUK is available for international 

touring from September till December.

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Sonja de Jong – Noord-Hollands Dagblad


"Great theatre for all ages, young and old."

Het Parool

"An absolute gem!"

Luuk Verpaalen – Theaterkrant


2014 - ABOUT A MOLE - Taipei - Taiwan
2015 - ABOUT A MOLE - Shanghai, Ningbo  - China
2018 - ABOUT A MOLE - Paris - France 
2019 - ABOUT A MOLE - Cape Town - South Africa
2019 - ABOUT A MOLE - Beijing, Chengdu - China
2022 - LUCKY LUUK - Segni d'infanzia Festival, Mantova - Italy
2023 - LUCKY LUUK - in option - Italy
2023 - LUCKY LUUK -  in option - Poland
2023 - THE BIG FIVE - in option -