Meneer monster

Meneer Monster
is a Dutch theatre company that brings their unique theatre approach to staging international youth literature. 
The company makes ‘Pixar theatre’ packed with humour, fantasy and imagination.
Their shows are wildly popular, high energy and packed full of fun. 





Who wouldn’t want to live in a treehouse? Especially a 13-Storey Treehouse that has everything, including a bowling alley, a secret underground laboratory, a vegetable vaporiser and a marshmallow machine that shoots marshmallows into your mouth whenever you're hungry.

Yes that’s right. The best-selling book has been turned into an equally brilliant show for the theatre. And you’re invited!

Today, Andy and Terry’s first play opens – except that they forgot to write it. Where will they find flying cats, an invasion of monkeys, and a giant gorilla? Luckily they have lots of props and costumes and some very impressive stage technology.  

Prepare yourself for pure theatrical wizardry in this nutty adventure based on the bestselling book from the New York Times bestseller and Children's Choice winner Andy Griffiths.



Actors Christiaan Bloem, Olaf van de Ven, Chris Koopman

Director Liesel Badorrek

Script Richard Tulloch, Edward van de Vendel

Set and Costumes Mark Thompson

Adaptation Set and Costumes Jan Willem van der Schoot,

Jantien Roozenburg
Sound design Chris Koopman

Production  Annelien Hoedjes, Sophie Claassen

Technical Production  Emiel Rietvelt

Technician Joren Rupert, Marco Koppers, Max Auer

Lighting  Bart van den Heuvel

Publicity  Studio Matusiak
Finance manager Ben Visser

Photo's Sanne Peper

Original producers CDP Theatre Producers, Australia

Adapted from the book by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton

Original adaption Richard Tulloch
Original Director Julian Louis

Original Lighting / AV Design Nicolas Higgins

Original Sound Designer Jeremy Silver


Zilveren Krekel 2018 (Best Stage Design) and Zapp Theaterprijs 2018 Childrens Award (Best Show of the year)



A visual, wordless cartoon style comedy.

In a dark colourless world Three Robbers try to steal the only remaining colour in the world. When their precious colourful loot is stolen by the sinister Colour Thief, it sets the Three Robbers on a dangerous and mad capped journey to recapture what is theirs.


Inspired by superhero films and games, physical comedy gets combined with a magical and graphical world. The Robbers is a highly entertaining and surprising theatre experience for children and families.


The Robbers has been made in an exciting new collaboration with Australian theatre director Julian Louis (Artistic Director NORPA and CDP’s 13/36/52/91 Storey Treehouse stage shows).



Actors Olaf van de Ven, Christiaan Bloem, Chris Koopman

Director Julian Louis

Music Erik Hofland

Stage Design Morgana Machado Marques 

Costume Design Dymph Boss
Light Design Jan Fedinger
Technicians Joren Rupert, Marco Koppers, Max Auer
Production Vera Andeweg
Publicity Studio Matusiak
Finance manager Ben Visser


Duration: 50 minutes

Age: 4+
Physical wordless performance
Booking Agency: Bureau Vanaf2,